What happens if a user who doesn't have an e-mail address forgets their username, password or unused access code on Workplace?

If a user forgets their username, password or access code, they must get a new code from a Workplace admin. To generate a new access code for an employee:
  1. From your News Feed, click Admin PanelAdmin Panel in the left menu.
  2. Click People.
  3. Find an individual access code by clicking More next to a user's name and selecting Get Access Code or download a CSV of all access codes for all email-less accounts by clicking the More menu on the People tab and selecting Get Access Codes.
  4. Provide the access code to the user who forgot their information.
  5. The user will now be able to enter the new access code, confirm their unique username and set a new password.
NOTE: Access codes are sensitive data. Anyone in possession of an unused access code will have full access to the account to which the code relates. Distribution of access codes should be tightly controlled. Below is important information about access codes to keep in mind:
  • They're a 16-character string of letters.
  • Only 1 is valid per account at any time.
  • Generating a new access code for a user invalidates all old codes.
  • They're valid for 90 days after generation.
  • When an access code is successfully used to claim or recover access to an account, the access code is invalidated.
  • Admins can deactivate an unused access code at any time.
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